I flash a wary look at the Doc in the corner, who turns a paler shade, his brow furrowing, etching his features into that of worry, and he casts an evasive look back at me. He darts a glance at Colton then back again to me, suddenly sheepish.

"It can't be Deacon, right? It's too early!" I point out while asking him to confirm, to calm my own sudden whirlwind of nerves, hating the apprehension I can feel from him, but he swallows loudly.

"I may have over exaggerated our head start rather somewhat, a teensy little bit. I didn't want to alarm you and give you reason to doubt coming with me, dear girl. If you knew they were hot on our heels, so to speak, you would have queried the plan and I had faith the fates would intervene if we just got out. I had to keep the sedation low, so I didn't kill my human staff in the process, and sadly that meant the wolves recovered quickly." He's apprehensive about admitting to a lie, recoiling slightly and I give him a deflated smile, translating that it's okay and it doesn't really make much difference now, because it is what it is.

"Damn right, it's Deacon. Meadow and the pack are tracing them down the north road in, following them. They'll be here in a couple of minutes." Colton growls and sweeps past me, determination oozing from him, and that growing hostility coming off him like a dense smoke. He's moving into battle mode in his head and I can't do much except follow him out of the infirmary. Knowing no matter what, I should be out there for this entourage arriving. After all, it's because of me and Sierra they are even coming. "You should stay here." Colton flashes me back a moody look, fierce, overbearing protectiveness shining through, and gets my 'hell no' glare of warning flashed right back.

I'm not about to be sat in the corner and cotton wrapped because Colton thinks he needs to take care of a feeble little femme. This femme took down a bear, and she isn't about to be intimidated by that idiot Deacon.

'That son of a bitch darted me in the back. I'm not missing him crawling up and realizing this is a Santo domain! I want to experience that epiphany and watch him grovel.' It's through gritted teeth as my own aggression peeks, thinking about that smug assholes face, and the longing to kick him in the balls when I was in the facility. That little simmer of rage ignites and my skin tingles in anticipation, revving up my anger for that slimy weasel.

"You stay on my ass then. Stay close where I can intervene should I need to." Colton drops that overbearing, no nonsense command, and turns away, obviously picking up on my stubborn tone and knowing arguing with me is futile. Still has to be in charge of my safety though.