Rejected Mate and Following Fate

Chapter 38: Is She Here?

"You can untie her, Doc, she can eat, but she stays confined in here until we decide what should be done with her. I still want a name and pack. I need to know what kind of threat she is, or they pose. I'll be back soon. I need to contact Alpha. Santo. and get direction concerning our intruder. He'll want to be informed."

My heart literally stops beating in my chest, and I have to stop myself from gasping out loud at the words that come out of his mouth. My insides self-combust, and my blood freezes in my veins, as my mind comes to a complete standstill on those two little terrifying words.

Alpha Santo! Juan! There is no other Santo pack in these parts, and his resemblance isn't coincidental. Why Colton kept coming to mind is now glaringly obvious. This is Juan's facility, which can only mean one thing. Deacon is a Santo, it explains the assholes bad attitude and shitty behavior, and possibly, Sierra is not an invading dream because of Colton's telling me about her before I left him. She's been calling me somehow, from these four walls, and led me right to her. There's no other explanation for how this all ties up like this. The fates wouldn't just let this casually happen.

I don't understand how, or even why, or that she managed to do it from inside an isolation tank, but there's no other logic for this kind of crazy coincidence. This is a Santo building, a facility, so many miles, and days away from the mountain, but close enough for Juan to have his reach. Doubt he has many facilities in our lands, and I didn't just come upon this by chance. I start wondering how much of this was orchestrated by the fates, and I don't mean from the second I turned East. I mean all of it, and how I was led here from the day of my turning.

I'm so screwed though. Once Juan knows I'm here, it's going to be game over. He might actually send me to the same fate as Sierra, wherever she is, and leave me to rot in here along with her for the next ten years. It'll be the answer to the dilemma of my pairing with his son. Keep me locked up, and keep Colton safe, it's not like anyone'll miss me if I too disappear for a decade.

The doctor moves over me as soon as Deacon leaves us alone, his face apologetic, with a softness to his grey eyes that I didn't notice before. He has a kindness, in the wrinkles and lines around his eyes and mouth, that suggest he genuinely smiles a lot in his life. With a worried glance at my face, and a smile that doesn't quite reach his eyes, he whispers in a shaky voice, revealing his own fears.

"Please, don't react when I remove these, I don't want to have to sedate you again, and I don't know if I've a strength to match you, even in human form. I swear, I mean you no harm. Let's keep this civil. You play nice, we play nice. It doesn't have to be hostile." He doesn't trust me, and even though in here, I have no gifts, he's wary of me. He's human for sure, and he knows what we are capable of, which means he's probably witnessed it to be this kind of afraid. I find it weird they even have a mortal here, but I guess the wolf world has a shortage of crazy doctors to keep Juan's mate hidden with. Packs are family, and it's rare to find sub packs who keep secrets from the rest, especially among one as big as the Santos. I guess humans are easier to keep quiet.

I nod and relax my body in a bid to show him I'll behave, and he seems to pick up on it, his smile strengthening, and his face relaxes. I can almost taste the tension seeping out as he leans in to undo the first buckle.

He makes fast and light work of releasing me from the bed and jumps back cautiously when he unties the last ankle strap, eyeing me from a distance as I slowly sit up and regain my bearings. It takes a minute, and my head swims as I level up, aware I have only this gown on to cover my modesty, and it falls forward off my shoulders as I move, telling me it's not even tied at the back. They must have thrown it on before restraining me, and I reach back to pull it together again.

"Just let me go. I'm not interested in this place or your work. I have my own plans and route. I'll happily get back to that." I point out, trying to sound sincere, but the old man's eyes narrow and he frowns at me, shaking his head apologetically.

"Oh, my dear, I'm afraid I'm not the one who makes those kinds of decisions, or I would show to the door with a wave and a sandwich. The problem is, we can't let you go without being sure all of that is true. No one's come up here in ten years without invitation, and yet here you are, not just a regular silly trekker or lost hiker…. but a wolf. A solitary femme, which is quite unusual in itself given pack hierarchy and the female role in your world, but a rare white form at that. Remarkable. I'm afraid it's all a little too suspicious given the circumstances." His voice is hushed, as I guess he doesn't want Deacon, or whoever watches the camera, to hear and the real serious concern etched in his eyes shines out. He has a trusting quality about him that's tingling my sixth sense and telling me he's not one of the bad guys.

"What circumstances would that be?" I match his expression, a little churning of suspicion of my own as I take in his manner and the way he seems to be deflating a little, his posture sagging as he turns towards the wall. He stops at the food trolley and pushes it towards me with a fake smile.