Rejected Mate and Following Fate

Chapter 37: Why Can't I Turn?

"I thought he might have food." I add, eyes darting around the room past him as I continue to come back to the land of reality and start looking for something useful to help me get out of these straps. Trying up muster up the will power to turn again, but nothing happens. Something is seriously screwing with my abilities and this individual doesn't seem like an imminent threat. Unless talking you to death is possible. My nerves are quickly dissipating in his presence.

"Oh, so you're hungry. Oh lord, how thoughtless of us. Well we can do something about that can't we. No need for us to be rude and inhospitable. It makes perfect sense you would be drawn to a manmade building in search of supplies in the center of this green utopia if you were out here lost. I just would like to know your name for a start, and possibly where you originated from, and maybe, if you have any more friends lurking out there. A pack, a mate. Someone who might not be very discreet about the whereabouts of our sensitive location. I know it's a bothersome formality, but they won't let me feed or untie you without it."

I ignore him completely, too occupied with the why of the fact I can't seem to muster any kind of ability, and even my strength is no more than a regular human. It's beginning to frustrate me, as I can now move my toes and feet, and rotate and wriggle them to test the strength of the straps. My strength and speed I have even in human form, is absent.

"What have you done to me? Why can't I turn?" I snap it at him aggressively, temper rising as it really sinks in, but it isn't helpful in terms of ability at all. I hit him with a pointed look under lowered browns and his happy little face drops to an almost impressed 'oooh' look.

"Ahhhh, well caught. You're an observant one, aren't you? This facility is a life-sized isolation tank, so your kind can't use any unwanted force, or abilities, on my staff when we require your presence, or when we have guests such as yourself. It's quite remarkable how they make a building completely capable of dissolving any kind of supernatural ability, isn't it? I don't have the engineering science, but I can assure you it's quite ingenious." He talks way too much. He also gets way too excited over the smallest things, and I eyeroll and shake my head at him, trying to draw him back to the intel that I need.

"Once again…Where am I?" I'm losing my cool quickly, annoyed at being held down and I start wriggling manically, more to attempt to escape this crazy one, not giving a crap he's standing right there. The noise of the door beeping and clicking behind him though, snaps my attention back to it, and the dark uniformed figure that comes stalking in as he pushes a trolley with what seems to be a food tray to one side.

"Pipe down, Princess. You know where you are because you hauled ass up to our door and tried to take a peek. The question he asked …. Are there more of you out there?" It's a commanding deep, almost growl like tone, from a serious looking man with a foreboding glare. My inner intimidation returns, as he makes my brave pipe down, and I return to still, cool mannered, and stare directly at him.