Rejected Mate and Following Fate

Chapter 35: What Is This Place

When the door fully closes, I walk out in front of the tree where I've been hiding and peer over at where he left his truck, wondering if he maybe left anything of value there. If I'm cutting my losses, and running, then he might have something. He didn't lock it, and he was alone. Maybe a medipack, food, clothes, or something that I can use.

He obviously isn't coming out right away, and I should make the most of his absence before he does come back. He might not stay and judging by the fact abandoned his truck and never brought it into the compound, I don't think he is. I have to be quick and go.

I run along the tree line keeping to the inner side and within its shadow and make a dash for his truck, using hyper speed to get to it fast and peek inside when I slide up against the door on the far side from the building. It's an off road four by four, covered in mud, and debris, and obviously the perfect vehicle for moving around this terrain. I can tell right away there's nothing in it at all. Not even general trash, or even anything in view that I would want. It's clean and free of anything worthwhile. Not what I would expect for a truck with frequent use, so it makes this even weirder. He obviously doesn't use it all too much to come and go. One last fleeting run over with my eyes, convinced he has nothing of worth.

I dash back to the closest border of brush and start making my way back to my own temporary camp without looking back, this time keeping behind the trees by two rows. My breathing labored with the heavy weight of mounting panic growing inside of me like a warning signal. Heartbeat pounding in my ears as it batters my rib cage and adds to my terror. I don't feel safe this close anymore and I should never have ventured to find this building. I don't know what I was thinking, and the last thing I need are complications from wolves, and James Bond type buildings in the middle of forests. This has spy movie all over it, and I'm in no mood to be dangled headfirst over a vat of sharks for information I don't have.

When the noise of the building cranks up again, I don't know if it's the floor moving up again to reset, or if he's coming back. It stops me in my tracks and I instinctively drop to the dirt and turn around. I crouch where I am, and watch, waiting with held breath, peering through the trunks and bushes to see the door, until the moaning cranking noise of heavy innards moving comes to a halt. Yet the door doesn't open. Nothing happens at all, except the return to a previous hum. I don't think it was him, I think maybe the floor comes up again when they reach a destination, and I relax a little, blowing out my air with relief, moving again from this tree base to the next to make my way back to my perch.

I almost make it all the way in when another loud thumping noise pauses me in my tracks and makes me look back nervously, so jumpy and on edge, with all my senses kicking into a higher mode of efficiency. This time the noises are less intense, less mechanical, and more like regular people noises.

The building appears to be coming to life as it increase, the doors make swooshing noise, but nothing seems to open. There's a bang, sliding of maybe bolts, I can't tell. A beep, a woosh, like the noise a piston makes, and then I can make out the swing of a heavy metal door and gravel rolling and sliding from it.

Lights flick on all around me, so suddenly from concealed posts further out in the trees it makes me jump, my heart misses a beat and frozen ice flairs in my veins, and I find myself illuminated in the previously dark space. Blinded by the sudden solar strength, blazing pain that hits me in the eyeballs. I start blinking, shielding my eyes as my nocturnal vision craps out and gives me an instant headache, like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

I wasn't expecting this entire area to be brightened up like standing under a sun lamp at close range and pull my wits back around me. I dart as fast as I can for the nearest sign of darkness and hope they didn't see me. The lights must be extended above the canopy on masts further out that I didn't see, as everything around me is brighter than daylight, and I have no one direction to go to that will get me out of it faster. The entire space is bright as hell. I run, heading towards my mountain in the far distance, and concentrate on nothing else except escape. Screw my backpack and furs, I don't need them right now.

I sprint, dodging, jumping, clearing fallen logs as twigs and leaves scratch my face and hands, and rip at my skin in passing. Breathing labored and loud, panting. I aim for the shadows, not looking back, in case this is because of me, that maybe he did see me out there and whatever this place is, no one is meant to know. I put my head down and hyper speed the best to my ability, only just make it to a skidding halt into darker bushes when an alarming piercing noise fills the air around me. It has a horrible effect on my body and senses, rattling my brain inside my skull, as my physical self crunches up, instantly immobile and I grab my ears.