Meadow whistles at me, almost deafening me with the strength she can emit with just two fingers in her mouth, and motions with her hand in a circling manner to get me to turn around. She's bossy but there's something likeable about her and I'm fast warming to her pushy personality.

She's gone to town on me in a short space of time. My hair sleek, combed until it's glossy and pulled up into a high ponytail that she said made my waves come together to an almost ringlet at the back. She's blushed, pinched, dabbed, and painted my face with various products, and squeezed me into clothes she swears are my size, but the restrictions I feel make me doubt it. My bust is surprisingly close in size to what she wears, so no doubt she heavily downsizes for extra oomph in her breast department.

Skintight soft denim jeans, paired with a fitted white tank with a low-cut V. I'm all cleavage I never knew I had, a booty I feel is way out on show from sculpted pants and I'm pulling on the soft mauve velvet hoody she told me to leave open. My feet in crisp white sneakers. because we're going for the 'casual and didn't try too hard' look, and she's thrown some silver hoops in my ears, with a simple dainty necklace holding a tiny green crystal she said was the color of my eyes.

Honesty, I spent my life dressing in shapeless or loose clothing to feel comfortable and not to draw attention, and now I feel like I have way too much on show. and a bit too dressed up for a wolf pack meeting in their communal. I know Colton has seen me naked after turning, but this feels more exposed somehow. Maybe because I rarely wear makeup and what's done feels strange on my skin, my lids heavier with the lashings of a mascara.

Everything is perked and propped up, held in tight fabrics that enhance my curves and I wish I could see it for myself to tell how bad or good it is. For all I know I look like a clown. But no, I only busted every damn mirror in this mansion some hours ago and can only go by Meadows reaction, which seems to be positive.

"I would bang you, Chica." She winks, throwing me a kiss and blows it my way dramatically, clicking her fingers, and her tongue on the roof of her mouth in unison, to make an approval noise.

"Thanks, I guess." I respond with a half laugh, have nervous cough, not sure if that's the appropriate thing to say, but she laughs airily.

"I like you, gurl. You're funny, without trying to be. You're like this little naïve awkward kid, but with a heart of a vixen, waiting to come into her own. Don't ever change that." She eyes me over once more, nodding to herself with obvious pride at what she's created, and it warms me to my stomach. It's weird to have someone genuinely look at me with a hint of pride and acceptance like this. I mean, Colton doesn't count when he did it earlier, he has to feel that way about me as it's ordained by the fates to be so.

"I'll try not to." I smooth my hands down the soft fabric smothering my legs and do one final check from my own viewpoint. Literally, all I can see is boobs.

"You sure I look okay and not too obvious?" doubt is already swarming me, denting the little bit of confidence she's been building up in the last half hour and Meadow shakes her head, loosening those beach curls she has going on at the ends as she puts in some oversized gold hoops in her own ears.

"Please… I know what I'm doing, and I ain't no fool when it comes to teasing men. We went for sexy casual, just work it, trust me on this. One eyeful of that bootylicious and Colton gonna be dry humping your ass into next week like a wolf in heat." She extends a hand, that mischievous glint on those pale blue sultry eyes, straightening her own fitted white blouse down over those mega breasts of hers with her free hand, and I hop forward to catch her fingers in mine. Eager to go before I lose all my nerve and wipe this off.

We've only been up here for around twenty-five minutes maximum, but it feels like hours have passed and I'm so much more relaxed with her even, if I'm not relaxed with how I'm kitted out. I guess having her right in my face with various implements she could have gouged my eyes out with, built trust. I can't explain and can only go by memory of what being part of a pack was to compare, but this feels a lot like Meadow is bringing me to her as her pack sister, initiating a bond. It makes me choke up a little, suddenly so grateful that she's Colton's second and has her own kind of bond with him which has pushed her to invest in me. It's nice to have another person who likes me, for whatever reason.

"Let's go find your man and make Carmen's face implode." Meadow sounds like she's a little too invested in doing that, her accent a tad heavier when she's smirking, her lips curling like the cat that got the cream. That smug tone, and I can't deny, she's lifted my mood completely in terms of that 'Skanky Puta' which I now know means 'dirty slut'. Eloquent. I guess having someone on your side who's not ordained by the fates to be so, makes a difference. It's no longer just me and Colton.