Rejected Mate and Following Fate

Chapter 4: The Fallout

Everything happens so fast that my heads spins and I can barely catch my breath. Our imprinting sends the ceremony into quick disperse and lm dragged away by Santos pack and ushered into an awaiting car, my clothes thrown in my face and ordered to go to the pack house and be quiet.

Everything is in uproar as though I committed the crime of the century and it rippled through everyone present. luan exploded magnificently at the possibility that our future Alpha just got betrothed to one of the lowliest of the packs, and l'm not exactly happy about it either.


I've kept my head down for ten years, stayed out of sight, in the shadows and away from drama the way others like me have not. Became almost invisible and made no real friends, all with my eye on one goal of escaping this place without any noise. Only to be put on show on the most important night of my life, in front of the entire mountain and have everything come crashing down on top of me.

This can't be happening! Ì can barely breathe as the panic sets in that this is not god damn reversible, and not a small thing that can get brushed aside and me sent on my merry way. Imprinting is for life, there is only one way out, and that's death!

That is NOT an option for me. We can choose to walk away and ignore it, bụt the bond won't break and the urge to bind us together will only grow stronger if we fight it. That's how this works, everyone knows that. lf I leave, l'll crave for him for the rest of my life, until it pushes me to insanity or even death from a broken soul. lf I stay, then I'Il never be able to fight the need to be with him and Juan made that excruciatingly clear that it will never happen.

Bustled from car to dark alley and only given seconds to pull my clothes on under my blanket before | am forcibly pushed in a side door and almost fall flat on my face into a bright corridor. The men charged with bringing me here are being less than hospitable with their shoving me around and manhandling me cruelly. I feel like mm covered in bruises and I still have residue blood over my body and face. l 'off' at the impact of meeting hard floor, body already tired and weak from what | endured tonight.

l'm still reeling from the drugs and the first transformation of my life, on edge, hackles rising, and having to deal with this new trauma of semi kidnapping. I feel like l'm trapped in some sort of daymare and just want to wake up before | have an all-out freak out.

We are met by a tall familiar attractive blonde in the hall as she stalks towards me and without missing a beat, she slaps me hard across the face and sends my flying off my feet and skidding into the wall. Burning pain engulfing my cheek and eye socket as | groan it out, and spreads across my head and down my neck, rendering me senseless for a second.

Slightly dazed with the force of that bitch's assault as l try to pick myself back up but fail when a foot stomps on my spine to force me back down.

“How dare you!! How god damn dare you, you whorel Hes mine... we have dated for two years, and you think you can sweep in and take him!! You are a god damn nothing, and you have no rights to him!” she’s livid. Puce with rage and comes bearing down on me, climbing on top of me while winding her fingers around my throat like a crazed psycho. In my panic l ash back to defend myself, bụt she's bigger and stronger and the glow of amber in her eyes tell me she's on the verge of turning. She's another of the pack who turned young and has her gifts well under control while | haven't begin to explore mine yet. “F'll kill you before | see you take him from me” her grasp tightens and I try to claw at her face, struggling for breath, panicking, momentary blacking out before she is hauled from on top of me by two strong arms and lifted high up into the air.

“Enough! She didn't do this anymore than I did!” Coltons voice cuts through her hysterical squealing and he drops her on her feet away from me. Standing between her and me as he turns to her and tries to reason and shut her up. His whole body taut and alert, as though he's ready to take her on, and i'm not sure it won't go that way. Females when angry tend to turn and attack, even people they love. ls how disputes are resolved most of the time among wolves. Physical fights are the norm, even between mates. “Go home Carmen, let us deal with this. The elders and the Shaman are coming with my father. .Just go and let us figure this out.” He sounds pissed, that deep commanding tone, so like his fathers, only with a boyish edge.

“Why can't they just kill her and be done with it? She's nothing to the pack” she wails at him, desperately, the noise prickling at my ears so | wince in reaction with an “ahhh” and grasp to cover them, and I wonder if this is a new thing with my senses. Hearing things more painfully.

“Are you dense? .... Killing her will kill me. Hurting her, hurts me! Even a slap! We imprinted; we are one. Her soul, my soul... did you never pay attention in class?” He sounds as mad as her now and he throws a look back down at me, cowering on the floor, dazed and in shock, about the turn of events. Not mentally ready for any of this.

“Here” he turns, a softness changing his handsome face slightly, making him more appealing, less cold, and he extends a hand to help me up. Is the first time | ever saw any real humanity in this quy, and it renders me mute as l let him pull me to my feet. That heat and transference of sparks at the slight touch makes me jump, and that familiar urge to need more of him, wanting his touch, makes me pull my hand away quickly. Internally bristling and inhaling fast to cool the sudden heat that rides up my neck and face. Blushing, l look away to break contact.


He frowns at the sensation too and backs off as soon as he lets me go, obviously uneasy at how much chemistry is stirring up from something so simple. Is not a secret him and Carmen have been a steady thing for a long time, so l guess he feels like this is somehow cheating on her. She watches like a hawk; I can feel her hatred burning through my soul and wishing harm on me. The sting on my face tells me she probably left a handprint and I try not to glare her way and enrage another outburst.

“| swear to god, Cole....ˆ Her voice breaks and tears spring from her eyes, instantly dampening her cheeks. “lf you leave me for this little, reject...' For a second, the pure heartbreak in her tone gets at me, cutting me in the chest, and l’m a little sorry for her. Not really knowing what love feels like, or what this would do to my heart if it was me. | guess a slap isn't comparable to a devastated soul and the thought of losing someone you thought was your mate.

That stupid part of me that cares, whether l should or not, and I find myself staring at the floor guiltily as though somehow accepting I've done something wrong here. I feel ashamed.

“Be quiet. Go home and I'll talk to you later. Right now, we are nothing until this gets rectified. | cant have two mates.

pain in what he said. Alphas have a tone, reserved for times when pack animals won't obey. lt somehow


only those

towards him for my own liking and nod shyly. No control over his effect on me and I don't like

a feeble quiet mumble and I

ls no wonder they cast my bloodline to the reject pile. lm no match for an

me inside my mind and

How can you......?

the same way without thinking and then inhale sharply as I realize, I

that breaks

link; we can hear each other even

our own

and creating a pitiful picture. | i can sense his pain from watching her go and it pains me too. Feeling what he feels, another down side to now being connected to this guy. I don't want

I didn't mean for

ache in my response brings his eyes to mine and we do that weird thing, where we lock eyes, get a tremor of something we can deny, and both look away again.

to figure out how to undo it.

by being among the biggest wolves in the pack even at his age. His family originated from Colombia and you can see his heritage clearly, in the best kind of way, despite his mother being Caucasian. Me, m just a good old country white. Bland hair,


of the way ungraciously by one of them. I get knocked sideways, unable to

jolts in beside me and catches me

grasp on impulsively. His eyes glow amber over my head, as he death glares his displeasure at the men, unconcealed as that

as much about instincts, as anything else. It changes you and makes you feel, do things, you didn't before. Even if he hated me before this, that need to protect me and look after

however, almost takes his head off with the rage filled below he aims his way. | realize a little too little, that's who

fingers around my waist and arm firmly. Juan lowers his brows severely, and glares at his son furiously, moving into his head link


an intense standoff as the air thickens and his energy bristles. Captured in a tight embrace l know I shouldn't try and break free from, although my body is responding quite happily to the contact. Feeling his anger radiating from him and

and close my eyes to focus on my breathing instead. Combatting growing heat and pulsing need from his touch, and fear and faintness from all the negative emotions flying between these two terrifying men. I feel like

room as the elders internally talk so that l cannot hear them. Colton paces and I can tell he too is privy to what is being said. They are his pack after all, and two are his

anger are all lapping over me


as minutes tick by and my nerves fray to the point | feel like | may scream, some internal burst Of nervous


want this either.” I blurt it out, into the deathly silence as hysteria gets the best of me

shocked response like they suddenly remembered

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