Regal Guard of Dragon

Chapter 796 To Meet His Foe by Accidence

In the box on the third floor of the Yuefeu Music Bar, different kinds of wines were displayed on the table, which were the private possession of the landlord and were only shown to the public when receiving distinguished guests. Sometimes there were guests who wanted to buy several ones, but they were refused by the landlord.

In fact, ordinary people couldn't afford to book the box, which was the best VIP box in the third floor.

In Yanchin, if one was not from the super families, or if he didn't have any power in the region, or if he wasn't worth more than 10 billion, he could definitely not order the box on the third floor of the Yuefeu Music Bar.

Inside the box sat six young men, all of whom looked stunning in their couture designer clothes. But they didn't have female partners with them, so the atmosphere was oppressive and they didn't talk much.

When they just sat down and the man sitting in middle picked up his glass to drink, the other young people quickly picked up their own glasses to toast the man sitting in the middle.

They all bowed with ingratiating faces and said something to flatter him.

However, the young man in the middle did not pay any attention to them and was drinking by himself.

The landlord of Yuefeu Music Bar wanted to stop by to toast them all, but was refused by the organizer of the meeting. As long as the landlord could get in touch with one of the young men, he would be profited from them, especially the one sitting in the middle. If the landlord could get on good terms with him, even if he was asked to kneel to pour wine for the man, he would not refuse.

The young man the landlord of Yuefeu Music Bar was talking about was Cai Chen, son of Bowie Chen.

The organizer of the meeting was Cai's future brother-in-law, Galasso Hua.

Cai's career was ruined by Finn because of Galasso in that incident. Galasso was also arrested by the police because of that incident, and was punished in accordance with public security management law and was detained for 15 days.

In the box, in addition to Galasso, the other men were either rich or powerful.

was an official in Yanchin, or was a powerful man

super-rich family and was Galasso's friend. At tonight's wine meeting tonight, Dunker wanted to get to know Cai through


give them a chance to introduce themselves. When he came to the box, he drank to

Why is he drinking alone? It feels boring. Why not find some women to drink with us and cheer him up?" Dunker whispered to

kill me? If my sister knows that I have brought her groom-to-be, my future brother-in-law out to drink with other young ladies, she

felt frightened at the thought of his sister. The reason why he didn't go to club today was because Cai was his future

do those things. If your sister knows that, just tell her that it's my idea, not yours. Besides, she may not

was willing to bear the consequence, Galasso accepted the proposal. "But my brother-in-law won't have his eye on the girls in the bar. It's not late at night this time. It's not convenient to find some girls here,"

he finished, Dunker pointed to the first floor at Wendy and her friends. "Those four girls are amazing, especially the one wearing tight purple V-neck dress. She is so hot! I'm

also felt Wendy

to come here,"

Dunker nodded to Galasso and Cai and

seemed not to care about it and continued

would be impossible for him to curry favor with Cai in the future. So, he decided that no matter what method he used, he would let Wendy and her friends go upstairs and have a good time with

thought, Dunker confidently

Dunker came to Wendy and her friends with a glass of wine, smiling and

of them were used to being accosted,

have seen you sitting here for a long time, and it's not fun. How about joining with me?

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