Chapter 400 Dealing With The Situation

She tried her best to use a sultry voice to pretend to seduce the man, “If it’s for fun, then why are you people holding onto me so roughly for? If you hurt my wrists, then how will we play after?”

The man saw her smile so alluringly that he was frozen for a moment. The other three men were also shocked.

At that moment, one of the men held her arms while another held her waist. The other two men surrounded

her from behind as they feared she would escape.

Kisa saw them pause and tried to make a hurt yet coy expression,” It’s not that I’m not willing to play those games with you. I think it’s a public place, and I’m not that shameless.‘

shocked to the core by her sudden change. One of the men had a grim expression on his face and

me! I can walk on my

me. Look, you made my wrist all red from the

of one man and smiled, “This good–looking

treat people so roughly.”

seemed to have a style of its own. Especially with her status as a celebrity and CEO of

were instantly not pleased. “How

just afraid that you were going to escape, “the other men voiced

like me?” Kisa pretended to laugh,” Besides, I like to play these kinds of games too. Why

other awkwardly. “Then, why did you struggle

was afraid you all were heinous outlaws and would take my life. That’s why I was scared,” Kisa finished speaking and smiled at them seducingly on purpose. “As long as you treat me gently, don’t hurt me, don’t harm

were delighted but still cursed under their breath. “Tsk, you are such a


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