Rebirth: Fast Track Love

Chapter 26 An Easy Talk

In recent days, when Charles tried to ask Harold out, he always failed.

Charles looked at Harold's subordinates and asked, "What has your Mr. Harold been doing recently? He was always nowhere to be seen! He didn't come back to the Capital even at the new term, nor did he play chess with my grandpa in K City. He didn't even ask me out for a drink. How weird! "

"Mr. Harold has been to the Dragon Racing Club recently!" A subordinate replied.

"Dragon Racing Club? Is it that racing club? " He asked curiously.


Charles rubbed his chin and said, "Grandpa and Harold have invested the club. How is Wendy doing in it? How could she be a racing driver? "

The subordinate smiled mysteriously. "Well, Mr. Charles, you'll know when you see her!"

"Well, I'm quite interested!" With his chin raised, Charles said, "let's go!"

"Okay, Mr. Charles, please follow me!" The subordinate drove Charles to the Dragon Racing Club.

As soon as he entered the club, he saw a crowd gathering over there. He asked curiously, "what are they doing?"

"Ha, maybe they are watching Miss Wendy!" The subordinate laughed.

"Why are they watching her?" The more the subordinate talked about it, the more mysterious it was, which made Charles itch to approach the crowd more quickly.

People surrounded the screen full of excitement, some of them even shouted, "Oh, my God! This must be the limit! Can she break the record again? "

"I bet Wendy must be the first place. If not, I will invite you all a dinner!" A coach shouted excitedly.

"Well, it seems that you are deliberately unwilling to invite everyone to dinner! Wendy is new here. We should treat her well! You should say you treat us to dinner if she is the champion! " Someone teased.

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