Rebirth: Fast Track Love

Chapter 21 Competition

But he didn't ask and they sat quietly in the car.

After a while, the car was stopped in front of a villa. She got out of the car and followed Harold in. Judging from the decoration style, she knew that it was Harold's villa in K City.

"Harold, why do you suddenly ask me not to live in the dorm?" Asked Wendy in confusion.

Harold couldn't answer this question, either. When he heard that Ken and Wendy were talking about living in the club, he bluntly refused the proposal without thinking twice.

"Harold?" Noticing that Harold ignored her, Wendy turned to look at him with clear eyes.

Since there were still many puzzles on Wendy, he had better to keep her under close watch. Harold found an excuse for himself in his heart.

"Nothing." He said coldly and turned to go upstairs.

Confused, Wendy scratched her head and followed him to the second floor.

Harold opened the door of his room and stopped. He turned around, frowning, as if asking her why she had followed him into the room.

Wendy knew what he was thinking about, so she asked hastily, "Well, where is my room, Harold?"

Harold called the servants over and asked them to take Wendy back to her bedroom.

Lying on the bed, Wendy stared at the door of the guest bedroom in silence.

She had to be reborn again. Even though she had chosen a different path, she still met him again.

Now he was just a wall away from her.

"Oh, I have to make a plan!" Wendy jumped out of the bed, took out pen and paper on the desk and began to make her plan.

Now the most important thing for her was to earn more money from car racing to pay for her mother's medical expenses. Then, she must make Harold fall in love with her again.