Rebirth: Fast Track Love

Chapter 17 Serious Paranoia

Harold walked forward and whispered something to the nurse. The nurse looked at Wendy in surprise. She quickly withdrew her sight and smiled, "this way."

Sure enough, it was found. Looking at the psychological consulting room on the sign not far away, Wendy thought to herself.

She was a little nervous. The miserable death of everyone in the previous life had been bothering her for many years. She knew her psychological situation. She wanted to forget the past, but she could not forget it.

Noticing the girl's expression, Harold said in a low voice, "relax."

"Okay." Wendy took a deep breath and nodded.

The nurse went in and told the doctor about the situation. Soon she came out and let Wendy in.

There was a middle-aged woman sitting in the consulting room. She didn't wear a white coat, nor did she have any medical books in the office. Instead, she had a lot of toys.

It's not like a hospital at all.

The middle-aged woman greeted Wendy with a smile, "hello."

"Hello, are you a doctor?"

Instead of answering her question, the middle-aged woman asked, "what's your name? You looks like 15 or 16 years old. My daughter is as beautiful as you. "

Without a doctor's seriousness and calmness, this approachable middle-aged woman made Wendy feel relieved.

She nodded and smiled, "thank you! My name is Wendy. "

"It's a nice name. I'll call you Wendy. Although I'm much older than you, we can also be friends." The middle-aged woman slowed down and chatted with Wendy about many hobbies.

"Oh? You like drawing! " The middle-aged woman took out paper and water color pens from the drawer and handed them to Wendy, saying, "I wonder if you can draw a picture for me?"