Rebirth: Fast Track Love

Chapter 1 Hidden Dangers

In the suburban area of Los Angeles in A Country, a blood red sports car drove along the road through tall palm trees before finally pulling up to an old castle.

Two big and strong guards walked over to stop the sports car. "Identification please," one guard said loudly, walking over to the driver's side. The driver's window rolled down slowly. The guard was shocked to see a delicate woman behind the wheel. A card was in her hand, an invitation. The woman gingerly handed it over to the guard.

"Hello there," Wendy Shangguan greeted as she waved the invitation in front of the guard.

"Ahem, I'm sorry." The guard coughed awkwardly. He took the invitation with both hands and double-checked it before letting her drive in.

There were a lot of people coming here today. It was because it was the birthday party of the Earl of the old castle. All the guests invited were either rich or powerful people in the entire country. There were waiters walking around with silver trays filled with champagne glasses. Everyone was busy chatting with each other -- whether it was about world economy, politics or something expensive they had bought recently.

At that moment, a woman in a red, off-shoulder dress came into the hall. Most of the people's conversations drifted off into silence, the woman's presence stirring intrigue. Her entrance, which was accentuated by the way her high heels crispily sounded against the marble floors, was quite the attention grabber.

The dress the woman was wearing flattered her white and smooth complexion, like a pool of blood against white snow. Delicately embroidered laces were sewn onto the delicate fabric. Her hair was in a messy but classy bun, several hair strands grazing her ears and the sides of her face, making her look sweet and innocent.

The men present seemed to have forgotten their female companions, their eyes glued onto this alluring woman.

One man walked towards the woman as he adjusted his tie. "Hello. Are you here alone? I'm wondering if I could have the honor to be your partner tonight," he said with a cheeky grin.

"I'm sorry but she has a boyfriend now." A deep and magnetic voice suddenly came from behind.

Hearing the cold voice interrupt, the man was annoyed. He turned around and saw who it was. "Mr. Harold?" the man exclaimed in surprise.