Raising My Wife

Chapter 32 Counterattack

Lily had never thought that they would meet her. The two girls were exactly Clair and Amy who were about to leave.

Lily didn't know how to get along with them. She just asked the driver to drive away.

Both of Clair and Amy were shocked when they saw Lily. At the same time, a fire of jealousy was burning in Clair's heart.

Clair saw the necklace on Lily's neck in a second. It was the latest style of Tiffany. She had always wanted this necklace and asked her family to buy for her before she went to college, but her father refused it with the excuse that he had bought too many things in his vacation. She got angry at the thought of this. But when she saw Lily wearing the necklace, Clair was shocked.

"Hey, isn't this Lillias? Recovered? You are finally willing to come to school? " Clair walked up to Lily with an exaggerated expression and a contemptuous tone.

Lily said nothing and was about to leave.

But Clair didn't want to give up. Amy pulled Clair, but Clair shook off Amy's hand and said, "I thought you would not come! There was a girl in my high school, she thought she was pretty and always played with all kinds of men. Guess what happened later. Ha-ha, things were known by the man's original wife, that girl was chased and beaten in the school. That girl is so miserable..."

Lily was rooted to the spot, but she got what Clair's meaning. Lily thought she had the same personality with her mother who would not quarrel with others. But living alone for so many years, she didn't know how to deal with this kind of thing.

Lily gave a chuckle mixed with helpless feeling to Clair's importuning.

"What are you laughing at?" Clair burst into anger.

Lily looked into Clair's eyes.

Clair raised

me or spoke ill of me. But you used such dirty words to me. I feel so sorry for your parents. You are so ignorant even at the University. " Lily smiled coldly. She could

badly in the dormitory, but Lily never said a word about it. But today, Lily's attitude make Clair stunned. At that moment, Clair didn't know how to refute her. She just stared

Seeing this, Lily decided to add a few more words to show her kindness, "Clair, if possible, you should try to get your brain

words, Lily turned around and left. She still remembered

you have a low IQ?" Amy drew Clair's

and said, "I know, you needn't remind me! Shut up!

on the door again, and the person

As soon as the door was opened, Quincy's anxious and lacking-sleep look appeared.

Why are you back? " Quincy saw that the people outside the door was Lily that she hadn't seen for a long time. The displeasure on Quincy's face

to be angry and pushed Quincy. Lily went into the dormitory. Seeing that Quincy's table was still in a mess, Lily put down the things in her hands and began to clean up Quincy's table

princess is back." Quincy had been used to Lily's cleaning up her table. Sitting

I didn't come, would you stay here alone?" Lily

almost right, surely I'll go downstairs to get some

cleaned the rubbish, the table finally became a girl's

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