Raising My Wife

Chapter 31 Medicinal Dishes

This night was the best night for Lily to sleep so well during such a long time. There was no waste of a second. Every time point was comfortable.

After spending a long time in the military training, Lily was exhausted. Moreover, she couldn't have a good rest. What was worse, she caught a cold and had a fever. She slept for so long that she almost woke up naturally.

Lily gently opened her eyes and found that it was already sunshine in the room. Without time to praise the vitality of the sunshine, she was scared and quickly sat up. After she saw clearly the decoration in the room, she realized that she was not at school, nor did she have to get up early for training.

"So I have come back." Lily then lay down. When she came back, she could have dinner with him. That was great. 'wait! Him? Have a dinner?'

She threw back the covers like a rabbit that jumped up. Without even putting on her shoes, she opened the door and ran out. Coincidentally, as soon as she opened the door, she saw the person she wanted to see most. Her beautiful mood became even brighter now.

"Good morning!" Lily tried to make herself look natural.

James nodded. Seeing her bright smile, he decided not to tell her the truth that it was already eleven o'clock. She lowered her head again to check if she was wearing shoes? She was not afraid of catching a cold again!

'She wear no shoes? Huh? " As James said, he walked over to Lily, with a dangerous aura around him.

Lily immediately thought of that night. She turned around and ran back to the room while saying, "I'll wear my shoes... I'll wear my shoes... I'll be there soon."

Lily spoke with such a loud voice, and it seemed that everything was all right. James thought he'd better ask Zelda not to pick up David. She'd better have a good rest at home.

Lily went back to her room, put on her shoes, changed her clothes, washed her face and rinsed her mouth. She then saw her reflection in the mirror. Although her face was not quite good, her eyes were full of vigor and vitality. She smiled at herself in the mirror.

where he had been just now, she was stunned for a while, and then

have dinner." When James turned around, he couldn't help but

at a brisk pace obediently.

When Lily went downstairs, she called Lara in a sweet voice. She missed Lara so much. Lara treated Lily as

the tears would come out. "You look thinner. Why did you get sick? Don't worry. I'll cook delicious food for you." Lara had been missing Lily very much since Lily left. She had been worried about Lily. Now Lily was sick, and Lara felt

night, I couldn't fall asleep because I missed the dishes you made," Looking at the tears that were about

Lara said as if she had forgotten about James for a long time. She gave him a glance

dining room. Lara had gone out to look for

to eating. Dinner, in most cases, was not just a necessary thing to live, but more like a comfort. Beautiful food would blow up in her mouth when it met taste buds,

as a foodie, Lily furrowed her eyebrows after taking

What? incorrect.

wrong position.' Lily

an exaggerated way, "What's the

in front of her. Yes, it was exactly the same as before. And smelled again. Ah! Sure enough, he did not do anything wrong with his taste bud. This soup really had a

?" Looking at James gently, Lily

with gentle herbs to strengthen your body."

that there was no such soup in front

not sick." James replied lightly.

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