Raising My Wife

Chapter 30 Went To The Kitchen For Her Again

In a hazy moment, Lily felt as if she had walked a long way. The road was sparsely populated and even the air was cold.

Looking around, Lily felt a little scared. She wanted to scream, but she couldn't. She wanted to run, but her legs were weak. She wanted to hide, but it seemed that someone had been watching her all the time.

Until a pair of warm and gentle hands appeared.

As soon as the hands appeared, Lily felt that she was redeemed. Redemption? The phrase sounded like someone else. Who was this person? The owner of these hands? Lily's head began to ache. That person touched her forehead gently. The pain was gone and Lily finally had a comfortable sleep.

Time passed quietly. Her fever was down and she began to wake up slowly.

Lily opened her eyes slowly. She didn't know why she felt so tired. After trying to concentrate, she turned her head and saw a person sitting by the bed. They just looked at each other silently.

"Ah, I am dreaming." Lily closed her eyes to relieve the fatigue of the eyes.

"What did you dream of?" James's voice was full of love.

"I dreamed of you." Lily responded. After a moment of silence, she suddenly opened her eyes and looked at the man by the bed, "you? ? ? You! ! ! Ah! ! !"

The person in front of James was surprised, with her eyes wide open. It seemed that she was no longer sick and pale as before. At the moment, she was lively and vivid. At last, the gloom on James's face was replaced by a light smile and a relaxed look as if he had just breathed a sigh of relief.

"Not tired?"

"What? Tired... "Lily then realized that she just had backache and strengthless. She lay down on the bed again and asked, "well, what's this? Ah! My room."

with her

with a smile as she knew that

James changed the

and the sound was so loud that it could even be heard through the quilt. As Lily complained about her stomach, she blushed and explained,

rest and wait for me for a while." Hearing her "protest", James revealed a faint smile, and his eyes were full of gentleness. He stood up and tucked the quilt for

bed and

walked downstairs at a brisk pace.

He had bought this villa for a long time, but he hadn't been to the kitchen for several times. Except today, he also came in last time when he cooked for her and the soft food. It seemed that Lily was an accident

and wondered since when he had become so emotional.

refrigerator and took out many ingredients. Step by

the noise, Lara got up and walked into the kitchen. Seeing that James was cooking, she was scared. She wanted to scream, but on second thought, she realized Lily was ill and said in a low voice,

James didn't stop his

Let me do it. " Then, Lara was going to wear an

of her." James refused

been at home for several days, and I could see Mr. James's unhappiness. Miss Lillias finally comes back, but she comes back because she is sick. How could Mr. James let other person do this. It was okay that Miss Lillias didn't wake up in

the cooking, Lara was suddenly moved. She couldn't imagine how well Mr. James treated Miss Lillias. 'Mr. James doesn't lack money. If

interrupt James, she walked into her room and made

quiet at night.

watched the white mist floating in front of him, he thought a lot. He had no way to treat the Lily badly. She was his responsibility. And now, it seemed that

bowl of porridge with bright color

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