Raising My Wife

Chapter 29 Taking Care Of Her

As they finally arrived at the villa, James entered the villa, still holding Lily in his arms. Lily was still sleeping.

As soon as James entered the living room, he saw David waiting there.

"Let's go upstairs." James signaled for David to go upstairs. Then he turned to Lara and said, "Lara, please cook some porridge for us."

"Okay, okay, I'll do it right now." Seeing Lily in James's arms, Lara's heart ached. Lara had been worried since she called in the afternoon. Seeing Lily suffer so severe sickness, Lara felt sad and hurried to the kitchen to cook porridge.

James went upstairs, holding Lily in his arms, and David followed James closely. Both of them walked heavy steps.

As they entered Lily's room, James put Lily on the bed and tucked her in. His movements were soft.

Leaving the warm embrace of James made Lily groan. She frowned and stretched out her hand from the quilt, trying to grab James's hand. Seeing Lily like this, James remained calm and forced her hand back. He knew that Lily's most needing thing was treatment at this moment.

Putting away Lily, James glanced at David and beckoned him to come up.

Knowing James's meaning, David walked up to his medicine box and took out a thermometer to measure Lily's body temperature. Then he observed all the symptoms of Lily. During the examination, James stood aside and looked at her.

Under the pressure of James, David finished the examination. "Nothing serious. Let's go out to have a talk." Putting away the medical kit, David went out with James.

closing the door, David noticed the mud on James's trousers.

say anything, neither did he refute. It seemed that David was right. David said

"she is in poor

"Okay." James replied.

years old. Go and change your clothes. Take a shower before she gets better. Don't make yourself sick.

out the reason. When he first knew James, James was just like a cold man. When

stiff, but the tone was too

David coming down the stairs. She ran to him

soup for Mr. James. He got wet in the rain today." Although David was in a rage, when he saw that James's back was wet from head to foot, David had to take care

waited to send him to the

had told her, and quickly went to

found that his trousers and legs

bath, Lara served porridge and ginger soup.

the ginger soup. Seeing his expression, Lara didn't say anything more. She

cared about Lily's things, but he seldom cared about his own

and sat on the edge of the bed, looking at Lily. James was tortured a lot by such a little girl. Actually, he was quite

lying quietly in bed with a serene face. If others saw her, they would think that she

time, he had gone to the bathroom and fetched

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