Raising My Wife

Chapter 28 He Came To Pick Her Up

In less than thirty minutes, a black car stopped directly downstairs the girls' dorm.

One person got out of the car with a black umbrella. It was James! He was giving off the smell of danger.

In fact, Lily's counselor had a call to the villa. As soon as Lara knew it, Lara called James in a hurry. Lara thought, 'If I don't tell James about Lily's disease, nobody can bear the responsibility if Lily's disease turn more severe.'

As soon as James got out of the car, he directly walked towards the girls' dorm. He had already known Lily's dorm number. When James was about to get into the dorm, the dorm keeper came out and said, "who is it? Men are not allowed to go in the girls' dorm."

James cast a sharp glance at her.

The dorm keeper was frightened by such a look and said, "Then go downstairs quickly. You don't look like a bad guy."

Unlike bad guys? Now, James was like a devil from the hell. And the charm that inspires this demon was Lillias. If something happened to Lillias, none of the people related to Lillias could escape.

James went straight upstairs to Lillias's dorm, followed by Zelda. James was no longer calm as he used to be.

When James arrived, the counselor and instructor were all standing outside the dorm, waiting for him.

The young counselor saw James and was attracted by his appearance and temperament. She tidied up her hair, walked up to him and reached out her hand. "Hello, I'm Lillias's counselor. Are you her guardian?"

"Where is Lillias?" James ignored the counselor and didn't even want to give her a look. James's tone was cold.

school doctor to give an emergency treatment to Lillias. Don't worry." The counselor took her hand back. She knew men like this must be

door open and walked into Lily's

roommates were

barged in. Because a doctor had come to treat Lily, which made other girls impatient. Now James went

mouth, "who! Why didn't you knock! Fretful!" When Clair turned around and saw a man, she covered

who had been

are you? Who permit you put your hands on Lillias's forehead." Speaking of this, Quincy stood up. Although her height was a little short in front of James, she deliberately ignored the strong aura around him. Quincy thought that even though her body was not powerful enough but her spirit

walked together with the northern girl whose name was Quincy. James had investigated Quincy. She looked like

James briefly replied to Quincy.

and made room for James. "Take Lillias to the hospital quickly now. She has

that, James immediately took off his suit jacket. Then he quickly removed Lily's quilt and wrapped Lily with his coat which still remained

help blaming himself. He had allowed her to go back to the military training, which would have never happened, but he had witnessed it with his

in his arms, James didn't

and stood in front of James, thinking that it was just a cold and

James interrupted her. James looked a little impatient and disgusted. It seemed that even a word spoken to Clair would make James sick. Indeed, Clair was not qualified to talk to him.

afraid after seeing his eyes. She knew that

James came out, it was still raining, and Zelda followed him.

Zelda got on the car and drove away.

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