Raising My Wife

Chapter 27 Illness

It was only five days before the training was over when Lily's menstruation came suddenly.

Luckily, she had prepared for it so that she didn't feel embarrassed. However, since Lily had never been taken good care of in her menstrual period, she suffered a lot of pain.

In Lily's period, she was often in a low mood and had no appetite. Quincy saw her expression and immediately filled a bottle of hot water, and put it on Lily's stomach. She even wanted to ask for Lily's leave from the drillmaster, but Lily didn't allow her to do that.

Lily knew that if she asked for leave, the other several roommates wouldn't like her. Besides, girls were all likely to suffer from dysmenorrhea this time, which was not a serious matter. She wouldn't ask for leave easily.

Looking at Lily's face turning pale and her lips bloodless, Quincy was worried, but she could do nothing.

A City was like a child's face. The weather was fine in the morning but cloudy in the afternoon.

In the afternoon, the instructors required them to learn a hand language training. They were in sport field.

Lily tried her best to live up to her classmates' expectations.

All of a sudden, bean sized raindrops fell on the ground and brought a gust of wind, blowing away the sultry air. The rain seems to be fierce.

Although the instructors had taken measures to assemble and withdraw the dormitory immediately, everyone was wet in the rain. After hearing the complaints of the students, the rain became more fierce.

Lily was no exception, her clothes and hair were all wet. Her immunity had become worse because of her menstrual period, and now her face was even paler.

finally returned to their dormitory. She

water bag and said, "The hot water bag is not easy to find. I packed it and brought it to you. You go in and change the wet clothes. I'm going to buy the medicine now. It won't be fine if you get a

looked at

with Lily, and was in a hurry to go to the pharmacy. She

was very considerate. Perhaps she had saved the whole universe, so there was such a

hurrying away, Lily finally took a

was opened, a few other girls had changed their clothes. Some of them were extremely arrogant. They gave a snort of contempt and didn't

her, but she didn't say anything. She dried her hair and put on the clothes that

three girls in the dormitory

didn't grow up yet. Especially her eyes were as deep as stars. They were deep and colorful when she smiled, and her eyes were curved and pleasant. They were a little jealous. But now, because of her menstrual period, her face was paler, and her eyebrows and eyes were

would burn people

last time and wished that Lily was sick. She

up the anger in their hearts,

because she is the only daughter of a rich family. She is always coaxed by others. Clair frowned as she saw that Lily changed her own clothes.

was a simple white dress with handmade embroidery on the neckline and hemline. This dress was picked up by

that her cosmetics made a big

in the dormitory were all busy with their own things. Maybe they were just like Clair, peeping at Lily, but they didn't show their emotion on their faces. But Lily didn't notice them at all. She

with a hot momentum in her hand, urging Lily to drink it. In Lily's dorm, Quincy

Lily looked at Quincy and felt a little

fine! "

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