Raising My Wife

Chapter 24 He Comes to See Her

Entering the real military training, Lily realized that yesterday's grievance was nothing at all.

She got up early. Lily always got up early, so she got up as soon as the bell rang. After she quickly washed her face and rinsed her mouth, she went to the playground with her classmates and stood in line.

The instructor said that they should have meals after running. Lily tried to comfort herself and strove to keep up with the line and keep herself in line. She kept thinking that she would have the dinner cooked by Lara soon.

The whole day's training required her to stand at attention in the sun and do some simple moves. The drillmaster asked all the students to be united, and if one of them didn't pass the test, he would punish them all. Everyone complained one after another.

As a result, Lily was still alone all day long. She trained quietly, ate quietly and took a nap silently. Seeing that the people around her kept laughing, Lily felt a little uncomfortable.

In the evening, the instructors asked all of them to sit in line on the track field. First, the General Commander of the military training program, and then each company began to learn military songs.

When everyone had sat down, the conductor came to the rostrum. All eyes were on the rostrum.

"Who is Lillias Ling?" When he got the microphone, the first thing he needed to do was to find Lily.

When the other students heard this, they began to talk about who was Lillias and why he looked for her. For a moment, the matter was hotly debated in all the track field.

Hearing the commander's words, but not sure he was looking for her, Lillias did not stand up. The people around her didn't know her, so no one called her.

"Where is Lillias? Where is Lillias? " The commander asked again in a tone of impatience and even some respect, after having a glance at the whole audience.

Lily thought, he should be calling me. She stood up slowly.

"Wow! Who is she?" " Is she Lillias? Who is Lillias?" "That was the silent student in our class The crowd started to whisper among themselves.

Seeing the girl standing up, the instructors of the company immediately walked over and asked her to step out of the office. The girl was pushed to the stage.

Seeing that Lily came over, the chief commander walked down the stage and respectfully saluted her. In Lily's flustered eyes, he said, "Miss Lillias, our chief wants to see you. Please follow me." The commander was confused.

the afternoon, a call from the army base, saying that he wanted to find a girl named Lillias Ling in the new recruits. Generally speaking, they were not qualified to receive calls from the army base when they were in charge of the training. But as a soldier, he must obey the orders and he did not dare to ask the reason. He just found her and took her to somewhere according to the

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the first sight of James, Lily's tears could no longer be held back. Whether Zelda saw it or not, her tears fell. In fact, Zelda had already gone

hadn't seen each other for only two days, but she was thinner and darker. The training uniform was big, so Lily

over and stood in front of her, silently,

crying. Seeing that he didn't say anything, she wondered if she had annoyed him. Gradually, she held back her tears,

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