Raising My Wife

Chapter 23 Starting The Military Training

"The real warrior, dare to face the bleak life and dare to face the dripping blood."

Under the blazing sun, Lily take her own military training clothing, there is no reason for her to think of Mr. Lu's words.

James had arranged her to major in economics and management. There were many girls in the major, but they were too soft and introverted in front of strangers. As a result, they would still stay soft in front of their partners.

Lily got her own military training clothes. Like everyone, Lily sat on the playground and listened to the lectures of leaders and instructors.

This training would last for fifteen days. All the students should live in the same dormitory during the fifteen days. After dividing the teams, all the staff were led to their own dormitory by the drillmasters. Without any partner, Lily was left at the end of the team.

When the Lily arrived at the dormitory, she found that there was no position left except a position in the corner of the dormitory. She walked over silently and put her belongings there. Sitting on the bed, she was in a daze. The excitement of last night seemed to disappear with the arrival of the military training, and now Lily was full of loneliness.

Lily didn't worry about the tough living environment at all. After all, she had a much harder life than this before. However, she was afraid of being alone and no one talked to her. Thinking of this, Lily couldn't help but burst into tears.

Luckily, the instructors came over and told everyone to have lunch. Then Lily immediately calmed down and went out with them.

After they got to the canteen, they waited in line to pick up food. Lily lined up quietly. Being compared with the hot chatting around Lily, her low pressure was eye-catching.

the team, or the handsome seniors Lily met yesterday, there was no one for Lily to chat with. Lily dared not interrupt and also didn't have topics to

eat quietly. The combination of tomato and eggs and boiled cabbage didn't seem

a first bite.

Lara. The dishes Lara cooked were

After another bite.

James. Even though he doesn't talk to me, he accompanies

the third

her eating speed, 'I have no choice, it's all my choice.' 'It was not good for me to cry now.' Lily poked at the rice in the plate

many people around had been keeping an eye on Lily.

wore their own clothes and so did Lily. Lily's clothes were picked and sorted by professional personnel, which were naturally suitable for Lily and

snow, fresh and lovely as well as a little girl's trouble. Lily pouted her lips due to agitation.

Some of them had good taste and knew Lily's clothes

all attracted by Lily's cute and excellent appearance, but they didn't dare to talk to Lily because they thought they would defile the cute fairy if they talk to her, so they would rather stay away from

had her lunch without even tasting it. Then she went back to her dormitory and changed his military uniform. She took a nap according to

officially started yet, so they could move

been lying on the bed for the whole afternoon and the evening. It was

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