Raising My Wife

Chapter 22 New Semester

Early that morning, Zelda drove to pick up Lily. Lily also got up early to tidy up. Lily had wanted to thank James before Lara told her that James had left for the company.

After having the breakfast, Lily got on the car in the gaze of Bill and Lara. As soon as she got into the car, Zelda began to tell her the spirits of James.

"Miss Lillias, I'm driving you to the school today, we'll mainly get familiar with the campus. I'll drive around the campus with you, and then bring you the books. I'll took the books for you at that time, It would have to be reported, but Mr. James has already arranged it. The luggage next to you is filled with the supplies that Mr. James asked me to prepare for you. You can open it now. " Zelda kept talking without stopping.

Lily digested what Zelda said one sentence by one sentence. After Lily figured it out, she opened the carton beside her, which was filled with all kinds of identification, tools, and a mobile phone. She took out the mobile phone, showed it to Zelda and asked, "Is this for me?"

Zelda glanced at her through the rearview mirror, and said, "It's for you, of course. Mr. James picked it in person. Mr. James had saved his private number in it."

'It turned out that what he had promised me yesterday was true.' Lily suddenly became very happy.

She unlocked her phone and began to play with the new one, like an Internet addicted girl.

Zelda was a good driver and the car was running smoothly. Lily couldn't feel the passage of time. They arrived at the school in a short time.

Under Zelda's reminder, while the car has not yet entered the school gate, Lily raised her head to watch.

The reason why A University was yearned for by countless people was not because it required high scores, not because that it had the most excellent teachers in the country, not because that it had many great figures out of a university, but because that as long as A University was mentioned, everyone could feel the momentum and charm of that famous school, as if as long as someone had a relationship with a university, their own taste would improve a lot.

A University all had such

lucky to have you; it's lucky for you to

leisure area to Lily. Zelda must have finished his work beforehand. Otherwise, How could Zelda remember everything of A University which would have taken people several hours to drive? He even didn't make any

arrived at a building, Zelda stopped the car. "Miss Lillias, I'm going to fetch your books. You can sit in the car and don't need to get off. I'll be back soon." After that,

outside through the window. She liked them all the way here. She was very happy at the thought that she was already

a book in her arms passed by their car. Several books dropped from her hands. The situation was very troubling, because there were too many books left. If this girl picked them up now, she had to put books in her hands on the ground, and she might not be able to carry them again. If she didn't pick them up, these

embarrassment in the car. Thinking about it, Lily opened

the car. She was shocked and threw

the first time that she had seen

her head in embarrassment. "Um... That's the

reaction!' She thought of what the girl had just said, and the girl with short hair,

Lily squatted down to pick up

said, "thank you." Then the girl spread out his hands. Considering her own height and short Lily, she lowered a little.

while, Lily had finished picking all the books. The books were piled up

and said with white teeth, "no

like a little child when she was standing in front of the girl. The girl's appearance was not outstanding, but she had thick eyebrows and big eyes. Her face was square and a strong sense of righteousness was

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