Raising My Wife

Chapter 19 I Will Send Milk To Her Myself

"Ah! ! ! ! !" After taking a soft shower, Lily lay on the bed, thinking about what had happened all day. The more she thought about it, the more embarrassed she became. Finally Lily couldn't help but call out in a low voice.

When she finished, Lily finally calmed down. She said to herself in bed, "what happened to you today? You won't behave like this all the time! But today, he is so strange." Lily glanced at tiger puppet next to her and thought of the third room where there were all puppets.

She thought it over carefully. Since her mother died, James was the first person who was so nice to her.

She prepared such a beautiful room for herself, a full room of puppets, an independent study environment, and what surprised her most was that he cooked for her. Perhaps, he did that not all for me, but I could feel that he treated me differently from others.

Why?' Lily didn't know the reason.

There was a gentle knock on the door.

Someone was knocking at the door? 'But Lara isn't here today. No one will knock at the door. I must have misheard, ' Lily thought. Lily just ignored turned her back to the tiger puppet.

After a while, a knock sounded on the door again. The voice was calm, indicating that the person outside was very patient.

'Is there really someone knocking at the door?' Lily couldn't help but get up and get out of bed. When she walked to the door, she raised her voice to ask who it was. Lily walked to the door, and suddenly opened it. A tall figure stood outside the door. She was startled when she saw it clearly.

Unexpectedly, It was James!

up?" Lily asked incoherently as soon as she

Seeing that, James softened his tone, "you don't have

awkwardly raised her hand, scratching her

the things in

the light in the soft room just poured into the milk cup, and the milk glowed. The milk today

and looked straight into James's steady eyes. "I don't know the reason,

it." James pushed the milk a little bit to Lily's side and repeated what he

took it and drank it at small gulps. However, Lily was not as calm as she appeared to be. She

When he saw the milk stains on Lily's lips, his heart was softened. The next second, James raised his left hand and touched Lily's hair. His eyes were

that, James withdrew his hand, turned

Lily stood still.

he touched my head? His hand touched my head?' Lily couldn't believe it.

much affection. It felt more

it was James's gentle head-touch; Sometimes it was the milk; Sometimes it

James was gentle. Perhaps, just because he was usually too cold, the occasionally expression on his face was

his bed. He stopped all of a sudden. He opened his left hand and stared at it intensely. It seemed that he could still feel the temperature of Lily's soft hair. He always remembered that Lara sent her a glass of warm milk every night. Therefore, Lara was not here tonight, so

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