Raising My Wife

Chapter 18 He Was Cooking

Unconsciously, James came to the first floor with Lily.

Strangely enough, James didn't go to the living room, but went to the kitchen.

'Was he going to cook?' Lily was curious, so she followed James to the kitchen.

After James entered the kitchen, he glanced around the room, and then went to the counter to wash his hands. His hand was more pale than ordinary men, and the bones were clear and appropriate. It was said that a woman's hands were the second face of a woman. As for James's hands, these were better than many other women's hands.

Under Lily's gaze, James washed his hands and dried them with tissue in the kitchen.

Then, James opened the fridge and took a look at the ingredients. Every day, the most fresh vegetables and fruits would be sent to the villa on a regular basis. And there was never a lack of fresh fruit and vegetables in the fridge.

'Is he inspecting the fridge?' Lily was looking at James's strange behavior.

James took some tomatoes, chubby paste and other ingredients out of the fridge and turned around to Lily, "would you eat some with me?"

"Sure." As soon as Lily finished saying that, she covered her mouth. 'oh my God! I answered him without thinking. Does James want to cook? Unexpectedly, he will cook? I'm not hungry! But that's the meal made by James!'

As James went on fetching materials from the fridge, he snickered. He took out some spaghetti. It seemed that he wanted to cook it.

"Do you need any help?" It was a great scientific discovery that Lily intended to observe it in a short distance.

"No, thanks." However, James didn't give her a chance and refused her directly.

Standing at the door of the kitchen, Lily watched James handling the vegetables. 'It turns out he has such a side. and he is familiar with the things at home.' She thought. Perhaps, when James was alone, he was a thoughtful boy.

Next second, "Where is the knife?" James said. This words broke Lily's imagination.

Lily went to help James to take out the knife. Always following Lara around the kitchen before, Lily knew the kitchen a lot.

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arrange everything." Lily didn't tell Lara the shocking news because Lily didn't want to frighten Lara. Lily cast a glance at the people in the kitchen and found that


Today, Luke just came back, and your whole family members just got together. Don't worry about things here. Mr. James will arrange

at Luke and agreed with Lily's request. But Lara was still worried about them, she said a few words to Lily before she hung up the phone.

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James didn't turn his head, but focused on what he was doing.

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spaghetti in his hand to Lily, James turned around and went to

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