Raising My Wife

Chapter 15 Dream

Lily nodded. Then she stood up and went to the bookshelf to take out some books she had read before. She decided to start this long lecture.

Lily gave the book to Luke. But Luke didn't open it and put it in front of him.

"No matter in China or abroad, you won't be taught the first lesson on books. Most of you will introduce yourself first." With his hands spread out, Luke said, "I think we have known each other. How about this? Miss Lillias tell me your own preferences, or your favorite subjects, or your dream. What do you think? "

like? Dream? This word was strange to Lily. She looked at Luke blankly, like an innocent baby.

"Well, tell me first." Luke did not intend to let Lily talk about this directly. He would like to use his experience to persuade her.

"When I was young, I dreamed of becoming a doctor. At that time, I was addicted to something that no one could see through... Cool. " Speaking of this, Luke found Lily smile on her face. "But then, by chance, I went abroad for further study. I stayed there for five years and now I'm back. I think it's a good chance for me to begin an educational career and have more freedom to do things. Besides, I believe I won't misguide the child."

Lily chuckled. She felt relaxed after hearing what Luke said.

Luke leaned his body forward, slightly tilted his head, and stared at Lily. "What kind of person do you want to become?"

This seemed to confuse Lily. Looking into Luke's eyes, she said, "I want to be a doctor or nurse if possible."

"Wow! You are an angel in white! Nice!" Luke walked back and leaned back against the chair. Then he crossed his legs and put his hands on his legs. Maybe it was because of his gentle temperament that he looked more focused. It seemed that Luke was encouraging and comforting Lily to go on talking.

Receiving Luke's encouraging look, Lily decides to tell him the reason.

this room, the floor to ceiling windows gave a wide view. From the distance of the villa, you could see the clouds floating in the clear sky

went farther, as if she saw her through time, and said, "she is the best mother in the

came back to her. Lily could not help but think of the way she had stood helpless as her mother coughed violently. Her mother was so painful,

Superman to protect the earth, while I only want to help my mother wash the dishes. " Then she smiled and said, "yes, it's vulgar, but my dream is to be selfish for

changed the way he called her, "no, Miss Lillias, you're not selfish. Perhaps, you don't know, helping mom wash dishes is also a big project. I have never washed the dishes for my mother. You

still made a comment on it.

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to find out that Luke was a very interesting person. He behaved in a polite manner and got along well with Lily. Although it was the first time that

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"how could that be? You're kidding me" look on his face. Lily was embarrassed and said,

talk about it. We should relax ourselves on the first day. What

said tentatively. "Tell me about your school? I can use it

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