Raising My Wife

Chapter 13 the Tutor

The atmosphere today was a little different, but what was different? It was hard to describe.

Or maybe Lara had a bigger smile today, or Bill went in and out more frequently today. Seeing Lara and Bill so happy, Lily was also in a good mood.

After having breakfast, she decided to relax in the garden.

The sun, which had shed its bitter side of summer, grew soft. As the garden was in full bloom, a breeze blew, mixed with the fragrance of flowers. Perhaps it was because of the variety of the flowers that the fragrance was not so strong but fresh.

Lily sat down on the bench in the pavilion and looked out of the window. The past days with her mother popped into her mind.

They also planted a lot of flowers at that time. It was not something precious. As her mother was the only one to bear the burden of life, most of them were plants, so she didn't need to take much care of them. Perhaps from that time on, Lily would know that life was not easy.

She was gentle and grateful for everything she had now.

She knew that all these were given to her by James, so she was particularly grateful.

At the thought of this, Lily's eyes darkened and were full of gloom.

A sound of a car came from a distance. Was it James coming back? Lily went out of the bower and went to the door.

When she reached the gate, the car was already inside the villa. At the same time, a man got out of the car.

The man wore a white shirt, and every button was buttoned carefully, matched with dark casual trousers. Such a simple dressing could become so perfect on him. He had always been wearing a warm smile on his face.

were not as delicate as that of James, but they were still so outstanding. Plus, he was also tall as James, so he must be very eye-catching

he spoke first and

them, looking very excited. Standing aside, Bill patted the man on his shoulder and babbled,

man's hands tightly with her hands, and when she opened her mouth again, she was too excited to make a sound. The man held Lara into his arms and comforted her in a soft voice, as if she was coaxing a child

be the son of Bill

the driver's seat got out of the car. It was Zelda, who had been here for

Miss Lillias." Zelda got off the car and immediately

Zelda's voice, Bill and Lara


Lillias. This is the teacher arranged by Mr. James. Luke is the son of Bill and Lara, who had been studying abroad before. Mr. James specially arranged Luke back, because he was afraid that Miss Lillias was unwilling to get along with strangers.

Although she thought so, she didn't show

up to Lily. "Nice to meet you, Miss Lillias. I'm Luke Li." On their

answered obediently, "Hello, I'm

"Miss Lillias, let's go

certainly agreed. She wanted to put an end to

back to the company then, Miss Lillias. I need to report to Mr. James that I've managed to get Luke to the villa." Zelda glanced at Luke, who smiled at him and


dialed a number. After a few rings, the call was answered, but he did not speak. Zelda thought it was a routine and answered, "Mr. James, Luke has arrived at the villa. Miss Lillias looks normal. Should I go back

short pause, he said, "go find

got the message, skilled to complete James's

one by

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