Raising My Wife

Chapter 12 Company In The Study

Lily went back to her room and lay on the bed, thinking about what just happened.

She had heard from Lara that James liked to be quiet and seldom talked, but today he had talked so much to her. Although Lily didn't like and understand what James had said at all, James was the first one to talk to her in such a tone.

"Open the door, Lily." It was Lara.

Lily gently opened the door and saw Lara holding a glass of milk in her hand. 'It turned out that Lara went downstairs to heat the milk after she calling me.'

"Thank you." Lily smiled at Lara and took the milk.

"You naughty girl, this is what Mr. James ordered me to do. And even the breakfast in the morning is also required by Mr. James. Mr. James was afraid that you would not be used to the breakfast, so he specially asked me to prepare the Chinese breakfast. Mr. James is really kind to you." Lara looked at Lily with loving eyes.

After hearing Lara's words, Lily lowered her head thoughtfully.

"Drink the milk and go to sleep. It will not delicious when it's cold." Lara replied, thinking that Lily was shy.

Lily drank the milk meekly and handed the glass to Lara, watching Lara go downstairs.

Lily closed the door and went to take a shower directly.

After taking a shower, Lily lay down on the bed and closed her eyes. Perhaps because of the milk or because of the sense of security here, she fell asleep very soon.

In the next few days, Lily kept what James said in her mind. She read books every day as much as she could. Although she didn't understand something, she knew a general idea about them. She didn't as ignorant as herself before.

Lily was sure that James would hire a good teacher for her, so she didn't want to embarrass him when the teacher came.

extraordinarily serious these days. Lily had been doing it for two reasons. One was for James,

did check her homework every

where Lily couldn't think out smoothly. 'Obviously, James knew that I almost know nothing.

past, Lily wouldn't have been worried. But now, the situation was different. The person she face was James. Even though James didn't

if he was not to check Lily's homework, but to study by himself. Without being disturbed, James looked calm and wise, just reading the book in his hand. James was

out in Lily's head and startled Lily

was not an active and passionate person, but it was the first time for Lily to feel that James was like a harmless angel. This kind

was in a daze.

eyes from the book and looked at Lily. James's eyes were as cold as ice. Seeing the irresistible smile on Lily's face, James finally didn't say a word to interrupt her. He just waited quietly for her to react.

room was in

Lily felt something wrong, she suddenly came to her senses. Before Lily could take her eyes off James, Lily directly looked into James's eyes. All of a sudden, a

sight of Lily's blushing face, James was intrigued. He wondered if all teenagers like her can't stand teasing. With no words being said, just a simple look made her face

"what are you thinking about?" After that, James was even surprised why he asked about these small

mustered up her

described him like this. James was amused and

room, "because you are

words have no taboo.' James told himself.

crossed James' mind the moment he saw Lily's eyes. Another word might describe it more appropriately,

looked at James confusedly, tilting her

topic. He reached out his hand and grabbed a book to

answer, Lily didn't care. She shrugged and then lowered her head to read

without saying a word, without feeling embarrassed. The study was full of book fragrance, so it was natural for them to get along with each

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