Raising My Wife

Chapter 11 So Kind To Her

'It seems that I have been with James for a long time, so I won't feel uncomfortable, ' Lily thought. She was eating quietly and looking at James up and down.

It seemed that James found Lily's looking. James looked at Lily with a frivolous expression. However, having no time to take her eyesight back, Lily blushed. She was caught peeping at that time.

Putting down his bowl and chopsticks, James said, "come to the study after you finish eating."

"What? Okay..." Lily quickened her pace of eating. Watching James's retreating figure, she speculated why James had asked her to the study.

Within a few minutes, Lily went upstairs to the study. Standing outside the study, she knocked slightly.

"Come in." James's voice sounded calmly.

Lily pushed the door open and found that James was sitting at the desk with a Chinese text book in his hand. She was startled at the sight of the book.

On the other hand, it seemed that James didn't notice Lily. He grabbed the phone on the table and dialed the internal line. "Bill, take the things upstairs."

Seeing that James didn't respond to him, Lily stood still, not knowing what to do. Just when she was at a loss, Bill came up with a chair, the same as the one in the study.

"Hello, Miss Lily." Looking at Lily standing in the study, Bill greeted respectfully, "Mr. James, I've brought the things here."

"Put it here," James signaled Bill to put the chair next to him.

Bill was shocked. 'Mr. James's study is not a place that people could get in and out casually. It is really surprising that Miss Lily could stay in Mr. James's study now. Moreover, Mr. James ordered me to make a same chair for Miss Lily and put the chair in the study. It seems that Mr. James really cares Miss Lily.'

was full of ups and downs, but his face remained calm. He put

I'll leave here." Bill knew that James liked to be quiet, so he left after

said, "come here,

in the study.

her fists, James sighed inwardly. He said in a milder voice,

down obediently,

me, what are you afraid of?" James didn't plan to beat around the

felt wronged. It was James who scared her, but he still asked

silence was no more than a silent resistance.

home, I want to be responsible for you." said James. James rubbed his eyebrows and said, "What I want is not your fear and flinch. Just be yourself in this family. I will only say such words once.

head and had a quick glimpse of

up sooner or later." James didn't treat Lily as a fifteen years old

but he has treated me

the following two months, and

school within two months?' Lily decided to take back the thought that he was

that James didn't like to be rejected, so she said yes. Before Lily

night. During this period, you should study on your own. I'll arrange a teacher

twisted face, Lily was about to

Lily's face, James was amused. He wondered why he had treated her in the same way as he treated an adult. Although Lily was 15 years

softened his tone. "Carlos, don't be afraid.

book. Hearing what James said, Lillias stopped and said, "I see" She changed her previous depression and smiled at James, her eyes

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