Raising My Wife

Chapter 6 Let's Go Out Together

Lily woke up to Lara's knock on the door.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she felt wronged. She didn't know what happened last night and she was sleepless last night. She even felt uncomfortable in her eyes After standing in the bathroom for a while, Lily finally went downstairs.

When she went downstairs, she found James sitting at the table, waiting for her. Upon seeing his face, she remembered what happened last night, and her face was hot.

She remembered that she almost cried in front of him. She seldom cried, but last night she just felt so aggrieved and couldn't help crying

Seeing that she was still standing there, James was about to call her over, but he saw her grab the corner of her clothes tightly. Her clothes were neat, but it could be seen that she had washed them several times and it began to turn pale.

It seemed that it was his negligence. In the past few days, he only asked people to observe her condition and let her get familiar with these things as soon as possible. However, he forgot that she only brought a little poor clothes. And the things prepared here were probably not her preferences.

"Come here." he motioned her to sit beside him.

Lily obedient, she went over, but her face was still hot and she did not dare to look directly at James.

"Go out with me after dinner."

"Okay." she didn't want to ask where they were going. She felt that what she needed to do was to obey him.

Her reaction made James dissatisfied. On second thought, he had to give her time to think about it.

After breakfast, they were going out.

Although it was early autumn now, it was not as cool as he thought.

man quietly waited for

his eyes. After all, he had followed James for so many years. The driver understood and moved aside. James walked over and opened the door

her, but in the eyes

people around him, he always gave people the feeling that he was cold and liked quietness, so he was not

pretended to enjoy the scenery outside the window. In fact, she was trying to resolve the embarrassment of the two people, even if the driver was there.

Lily to ignore him on purpose. His smell, his breath, and from

and put it on

withdraw her hand. She didn't know why. What the hell was this man doing? Did her hands

asleep. After all,

eyes and her mind was full of him. 'did I fall in love with him? The girls in the courtyard said that as long as the man in my mind is always that man, I must fall in love with him, ' Lily

moment, she really fell asleep. What she didn't know was that after she fell asleep, her head had been resting on

made Lily feel reliable. As


longer had the usual carefulness, nor deliberately put on the cute look. She was just a 15-year-old girl. She didn't wear any makeup, but her skin was so good that it made people jealous. She had a delicate facial features, even with an open childish air. Like a child.

was reluctant to wake her up. All of a sudden, he

didn't care. Even though he had sore

comfortable sleep. When Lily slowly woke up, she found that a long time

Sorry" Lily found herself leaning on James' shoulder. Instantly, her sleepy eyes became clear.


you need more sleep? " James didn't


get out of the car." James opened the door for Lily.

chose to follow James. She could believe his

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