Raising My Wife

Chapter 5 Because Of You, Lily

As time went by, the room was so quiet that only the sound of their breaths could be heard.

It was the first time for her to have such intimate contact with a man, which made Lily feel nervous and novel.

He didn't let her down and she didn't dare to move. They just stood there in a stalemate.

Seeing Lily's hands around his neck like a young koala, James couldn't help laughing. After all, she was just a kid.

His chuckle came from above her head. She was a little annoyed, "put me down..."She plucked up all her courage to protest in a low voice.

However, in James' eyes, Lily was acting like a spoiled child, which satisfied him a lot.

"Why are you here so late?" He didn't seem to hear her protest. He not only didn't put her down, but also tightened his hand, as if deliberately against her.

She seemed to be bewitched by his voice and said what she was thinking unconsciously, "I have a question to ask you!"

"What?" He raised his voice to indicate Lily to continue.

"Why did you adopt me? What should I call you? Brother? Uncle? Or anything else? " She didn't want to mention the word "father", as James was too young.

"What do you think?" He gently put her on the sofa, as if he were taking care of his beloved gift. However, he seemed to have anticipated that Lily would ask him about this.

Lily didn't know what James was trying to say. A cool feeling rose in her heart. Was she brought back just out of kindness? Now that she was like a little pet that had been taken home all of a sudden, should she behave like a little pet?

James thought he should do

the bedside, staring at Lily with

straight into his eyes. Taking off his strict suit in the daytime and putting on his bathrobe, he looked less strict and more like a family member.

his whole facial features three-dimensional and delicate. The white skin and a perfect face shape. His eyes, in particular, were like vast ocean

since he was too high, she couldn't touch him even if she had

wearing a woman's dress and a serious face.

petty action was undoubtedly a silent provocation to James. He slowly

close but Lily didn't realize

to do anything to Lily, but he was not going to let her

life before was tough for Lily, it was simple

her instinct told her that it was not good. She thought of the boys she had met before and heard James' reproachful tone. Suddenly, her nose twitched and she


to him. A kid, who was very young all of a sudden, looked wronged in front of him and he definitely didn't know what to do. He was thirty years old now. If he had to coax a little girl of

you have some questions to ask? What's it? "After giving up

Why did you bring me back? Who am I?" Reminded by him, Lily pressed down

His tone became very gentle, as if the man with a serious face just now was only Lily's

when coming out of his mouth. Lily stopped crying. She knew that

was eager to know the answer, which was

here forever as long as you like it." After saying that, James

pulps. She was only a fifteen year old child, but there was already a small callus on her finger. It could be imagined that she had already been independent since her peers were still flirting with their parents. In that city, she had no one to rely on except herself. But now, he was here. In the future, he will give her the most wealthy life, give her the best education, and let her grow

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