Raising My Wife

Chapter 2 Being Kidnapped

The memory went back to seven years ago.

When James finally woke up, he found himself tied to one of the pillars of a dark house. He tried to struggle, but it was to no avail.

"Caleb, check if the boy's awake or not." James heard a low voice from outside of the cottage. Without another word, he quickly shut his eyes. Since he didn't know who the other party was, it was better that he observed the situation first.

The door creaked open and a man stepped in. James didn't move, listening to the sounds around him.

"He's still asleep. You used too much drugs this time, Rhys," Caleb said, shoving James roughly. When James didn't react, Caleb sighed in frustration.

"Well, we brought him here not for sleeping," another man snarled back.

All of a sudden, Rhys poured a bucket of freezing water onto James's head.

He immediately opened his eyes to glare at them. Although James was just a young boy, he had a demeanor of a king. Even as he was tied and drenched with water, his eyes were still as cold as the winter seas. The two men couldn't help but shiver at the sight of his gaze.

finally wake up?" Rhys sneered, clapping his hands. He'd like to believe that they'd succeed this

in front of him, as well as the environment he was

things about the first born son of the Ling Group. Now, it seems, he's with us. Isn't this such a great day?" Rhys's eyes glinted as he bent closer. "I was told you're

mockingly in the air. "But if you make

the light so James couldn't get a good look at their faces, but he wasn't afraid. "I don't care who gave you the orders, but I suggest

it's up to

it's all about the money, then you should've bargained with me. Do you really think it's that hard for the Ling Group to find where I am now? Besides, since you didn't even

that trap of yours, asshole," he snarled. "But you surely got one thing right. We don't plan on leaving

smashed his legs with all his strength. James tried his best not to respond but his forehead was already breaking down in cold sweat. His legs were already shaking from

but panic. He needed to get a hold of this boy or else his plan

easily? Don't be a fool!" Rhys took the club and smashed it

he continued to grit his teeth. Although these men were

face, Rhys dropped the club. "You know what?" he snarled. "Let's do

their fear was already

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