Raising My Wife

Chapter 1 Take Her Home

"From now on, your name is Lilias Ling, and you're staying here."

His cold voice echoed throughout the household as he left. Even as he walked away, Lily still felt as if she were being watched.

Although she'd been expecting this for a long time, she couldn't help but be in awe of the events that had just unfolded. It just felt so unreal.

It was as if he had appeared in thin air to save her, like an angel manifesting from the clouds to reach for her,

and now she found herself sitting at the edge of her bed, at a loss of what to do.

Compared to her measly house, this was like heaven. There was a wide, queen-sized bed propped in the center of the room. Warm sunlight poured in from the floor length windows, and there were even a bunch of stuffed animals propped at the corner of the room for her to play with. The room was filled with innocence and child-like wonder. It was everything she had hoped for as a child,

yet she found herself sitting at the edge of the bed, unable to move. It was everything she had hoped for, that she was afraid that if she touched something, it would break.

He had saved her and brought her to this place. He even gave her a name. She used to be called Lily. However, the name was so common, so he changed it up a bit. Now, her name was Lillias Ling. It was unique, and it had a nice ring to it.

Suddenly, a gentle knock interrupted her thoughts.

"Miss Lillias, Mr. James asked that you have dinner downstairs." Lilly recognized the voice as the servant who had brought her to the villa.

"Okay," she responded, taking a deep breath. Well, it was time she faced the music.

As she arrived in the dining hall, she saw that James Ling was already waiting for her.

"Sit next to me," he said. There was a certain charm wrapped around his velvety voice, and she followed.

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years. My husband and I have been working for the Ling family

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He has a good heart though. When my husband got into a car accident, he arranged a job for him in the

adopted me due to kindness?' Would she

Lara didn't know who this woman was, she could tell that Lily didn't have an easy life. However, given that it was James Ling who brought her here, there must be something special about her. She was also very

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