Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1199

Luna furrowed her brows.

Joshua, by the side, also coldly swept Nellie a glance.

“Only the three of you are going to get the DNA samples?“ Joshua furrowed his brows. “Just get him to tell us where Aura is staying. I can just send my men to do it.“

Joshua thought that things like obtaining DNA samples would not need those three kids to do it.


Any bodyguard they had was professionally trained. They did things cleanly and swiftly, with no room for error.

“But Neil wants to head there himself.“

Nigel slowly lifted his head. “He said that Aura doesn’t stay in one place all the time. Also, she’s extremely guarded. If we’re to send men to do it, it’ll alert her sooner or later.

“But if he were to head there himself, Aura won’t be suspicious. She’ll only think that he wants to see her.

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