Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1195

Neil furrowed his brows.

He looked at the female doctor in front of him rather strangely.

“How did you come to this conclusion?“

Dr. Rowena shrugged. She pointed at the indicators of the test she did a moment ago and showed it to Neil.

“Your blood is the same as Nigel’s; there are two special types of protein in it. The two special types of proteins are inherited from your parents.

“Joshua, your father, has been my patient before. I’ve tested this on him before, too. He doesn’t have those two proteins in him, so the two proteins you and Nigel have shou1d’ve been inherited from your mother.“

Neil rolled his eyes at her. “I’ve already said that our mothers are biological sisters. There should be genetic material that is the same. Could you be wrong?“

Dr. Rowena furrowed her brows. It would be very rare for biological sisters to possess the same two proteins yet, at the same time, pass it on to the next generation.

If the boy in front of her and Nigel are not identical twins, it would be impossible for them to have the same two proteins at the same time.

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