Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1193

Seeing Joshua stop, a hint of delight flashed across Michael’s eyes.


This trick worked! Joshua still cared about Luna!

Michael immediately took a deep breath and continued his threats, “Joshua, you might not know this, but Luna had offered me two hundred thousand dollars to call off the marriage, but I turned it down. If you’re willing to recognize me as the Second Young Master of the Lynch family, I will— “

Joshua sneered and turned around. He looked at Michael coldly.


“Why should I get you to call off the marriage?“ Joshua interrupted Michael. His deep gaze bore into Michael. His tone was aloof and condescending.

“Since you like to be her fiancé so much, you can continue being her fiancé. We’ll take it slowly.“

Then, Joshua turned his wheelchair around and left.

Michael was stunned momentarily before he angrily chased after Joshua.


“Don’t you care about Luna? I am her fiancé, and I have the right to do things to her! “

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