Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1192

“No need to thank me. I wou1d’ve done it, too.“

The man’s voice was deep and charming. It had hints of mockery and teasing in them, too.

Michael paused for a while and subconsciously turned around to look. The man holding him up was no one else but his stepbrother, Joshua.

Joshua was sitting in his wheelchair. His gaze was flat.


“Second Young Master Michael, you really can’t take a beating, can you? Such a petite woman like Luna only slapped you once, yet you can’t even stand properly already. Adrian always emphasized health, so how did he bring you up so badly?“

Michael’s eyes widened. He licked his lips and looked at Joshua with rage in his eyes.

“Adrian is also your father! “

Joshua raised his brows and laughed. “Is he worthy to be my father?“

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