Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1191

Luna narrowed her eyes, looking at this man who thought too highly of himself.

It was because she did not want to get involved with people like Michael, and that was why she was willing to offer money to settle this incident.

Luna did not feel that 200,000 dollars were little. After all, the engagement was decided at the last minute the night before. From beginning to end, Michael did not lose out on anything.

Luna did not know where he got the courage and confidence from. How dare he ask her for half of Joshua’s fortune.

Luna took a deep breath, suppressing the rage in her heart as she then shot Michael a dagger-like stare. “ Micheal, I know you want to go up against Joshua. I also know that you want the Lynch Group assets in his hands, but…“

Luna sneered. “You want to use my marriage as capital to get Joshua’s assets? Aren’t you being a little delusional? I’m the one making a deal with you. I’m the one who doesn’t want to get married to you. Not Joshua. Do you think you’ll be able to get half of Joshua’s fortune from me?“

Michael changed into a more comfortable position. He leaned back gracefully on the sofa.

“Why won’t I be able to? “ He raised his brows and looked at Luna. “If it weren’t for Aura Gibson’s appearance, making you agree to get engaged with me, you’d already be Joshua’s fiance and his future wife.

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