Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1189

Luna suppressed the detest in her heart. “Michael Lynch, I think you should be clear that our so -called engagement last night was only a ploy due to an emergency. I don’t intend to marry you, and I don’t want to discuss a marriage date with you either.“


“Is that so?“ Michael, on the other end of the line, chuckled. “But, Luna, the news of our engagement and the photos of you trying to kiss me on stage last night is all over the news. If you were to look at any news channel in Banyan City, you’ll receive the notifications.“

Michael bawled out in laughter. “I ‘ll advise you to immediately meet me right now. Otherwise, I might tell the press how my fiancée is living with her fiancé’s brother in the same house…

“Think about what that would do to your reputation.“


Luna squinted coldly upon hearing Michael’s words. After a while, she bit her lip. “Address.“

Michael, on the other end of the line, started laughing arrogantly once again. “I’ll be waiting for you at Bamboo Palace! See you there, darling

fiancée! “

Then, Michael hung up. Luna gripped her phone tightly, listening to the disconnecting tone, her mind thrown into chaos.

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