Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1188

However, Joshua’s face inexplicably appeared on Neil’s mind.


What happened was…

On the night of Luna’s birthday, when Neil went to look for Joshua, Joshua did not even seem surprised. It was as if he long expected Neil would turn out.

Neil did not bother saying much to him. He immediately picked up the knife and aimed it at Joshua’s stomach. However, he could not do it.


He knew that as long as he did what his mother asked of him, Uncle Theo would not suffer that much anymore.

Neil also knew that Joshua, the man in front of him, was someone who had done something wrong to him. The scumbag who wronged his mother.

It would not be a pity if Joshua died. He deserved it. However, the moment Neil picked up the knife, every fiber of his being resisted him. In the end, he still did not stab Joshua.

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