Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1181

Under the moonlight, Nellie slept soundly in her princess bed.


Neil stood at her bedside, gripping his knife tightly as he studied her face.

In the distance, Nigel lay in bed. He also had a small crossbow held tightly in his hands.

Unlike Nellie, Nigel was not willing to naively believe that Neil was still Neil. Despite having lost his memories, Neil was a stranger until he would regain them. One can never be too defensive of strangers.


The atmosphere in the children’s room was stifling. Tension and hostility filled the air.

After a while, Neil let out a sigh and kept his knife. He reached his small hand out and gently traced Nellie’s face. Although he hated the Lynch family, he could not find it in his heart to hate this naive and affectionate  little girl, nor could he be cruel to  her.

After a long while, Neil took a deep breath, walked out of Nellie’s tent, and threw the knife into the bin.

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