Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1175

Michael’s words shifted the crowd’s attention back to Neil, and everyone began to murmur among themselves once more.


Granny Lynch also frowned hard. Yes. She also believed that Joshua did not have an affair when he was married to Luna, but what about Jake?

He looked exactly like Nigel.

If Neil did not have the same father as Nigel and if his mother was not Luna’s biological sister, this would not have happened!


No matter how Granny Lynch thought about it, she felt that unless Neil had been resurrected, she could not find another explanation to justify this child’s identity.

However, Neil had been dead for months. He died in an explosion. How could he be resurrected? Even if he was, how would he have willingly stayed by Aura’s side, being with the enemy and accusing Joshua?

Even when she hugged him a moment ago, she could clearly feel the difference between him and Neil.

Granny Lynch was confused. She lifted her head, furrowed her brows, and looked at Joshua.

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