Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1168

The people below the stage were no longer human. They were demons.


Luna looked at the stage below. Among the crowd was Joshua, sitting in his wheelchair with a cold gaze, looking at what was happening on the stage wordlessly.

Next to him, Zach and Yuri were hugging Nellie and Nigel. Lucas stretched his hands out to cover their eyes.

Tears started to form in Luna’s eyes upon seeing this. What use was there in Lucas covering their eyes? They could still hear what was happening. They could still feel the rowdy atmosphere in the venue.


She was…sorry for her children.

Before the engagement ceremony began, Nigel had already seriously expressed that he would not call Joshua by name anymore. He would refer to him as Daddy already.

Nellie was jumping with joy. Her wish, finally. She could finally proudly introduce her mother and father to others. She did not need to explain why they split up. Even if the engagement to Joshua was fake, the children treated it as if it were real.

However, the unexpected turn of events…

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