Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1165

The entire venue fell silent.


Everyone thought they had misheard Aura. Even Adrian, who was standing next to Aura, could not help but furrowed his brows. He softly reminded, “Ms. Gibson, you’re wrong. Today’s engagement is between Luna and my elder son, Joshua. My younger son, Michael, is still single…“

Then, Adrian looked at Michael and added, “Also a virgin.“

Aura smiled. “I ‘m not wrong.“ She raised her brows and looked at Luna, whose knuckles were white from clutching the box tightly.


“I’m congratulating my sister Luna on her engagement with the Lynch family’s Second Young Master, Michael Lynch. Luna, am I right?“

Luna was rooted on the spot, her mind overtaken in a storm. She could not forget what was written in the letter she was clutching.

However, she did not expect that the thing Aura wanted her to obey was to openly admit that she was engaged to Michael!

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had the same father, whether it was his


had a naturally arrogant and regal

none. What he had was Adrian’s lecherous, perverted look, also the self-entitled confidence, so much so that an hour or two ago, Michael even kidnapped


that moment, Aura used Theo and Neil, forcing Luna to admit that she was getting engaged

and Neil were all she could  think of,  so she could

among the guests as everyone frantically shot murmurs

was written by

ceremony that day was for Luna and

Luna actually

was stunned, they could not help but look at Joshua who was in the wheelchair

was sitting in the wheelchair, his hands gripping the

person. How could he not know that this was part of Aura’s

he guessed correctly, the so-called gift box in Luna’s hand should be filled

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