Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1160

“That’s right. Joshua, the scumbag, had an affair with my mother while being married to Luna.


“Later on, that jerk schemed to hurt Luna, causing her to meet in an accident and die. Then, he turned around to get engaged with my mother. He coaxed and cheated her to get engaged with him.

“Also, he told the public that it was Luna who had an affair and she killed herself because she was guilty about it. He even forged Luna’s will, letting my mother think that Luna killed herself and writing in her will for her to get married to Joshua. That was why she willingly became Joshua’s fiancée.

“I’m sure all of you know what happened next. My mother became the fiancée without any status for five years. It was until when Luna returned to Banyan City with her two children once more, Joshua was suddenly sick of my mother. He colluded with Luna to send my mother to the mental asylum. In the end, they forced her to quit the entertainment industry and leave the country.“


Everyone was so shocked at Neil’s words that they were rendered speechless.

It was because…what Neil said seemed to be true about Luna’s accident back then, the will, and also about how when Luna’s body was not found yet, he got engaged to Aura.

Also, later on, Aura had been admitted to the mental asylum, was forced to quit the entertainment industry, and had to leave the country.

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