Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1157

Joshua’s gaze was too cold. Too frigid.

Anne was scared half to death by his gaze. She immediately hid behind Luna, not even able to formulate words properly. “I… Luna…she… She’s always been with me.“

Joshua smiled and looked at Anne who was behind Luna, then he looked at Luna calmly. “Didn’t you two discuss how you were going to explain to me before coming over?“

Then, Joshua looked at Lucas, by the side, flatly, “Go get me two bottles of makeup remover.“


Anne was instantly in a daze at his words. Makeup remover?

Anne subconsciously looked at Luna’s face. Her bruises were covered well, so how did Joshua notice?

Luna furrowed her brows and stopped Lucas, shooting Joshua a helpless gaze. “Are you really going to ask me to take off my makeup here?“

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