Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1155

Theo’s hometown was very far away. If Theo was truly free, that he was going to leave Banyan City, he would definitely contact her. He would not leave without saying goodbye.


Also, Nathan and Celeste left Banyan City not long ago. She even especially went to see them. Both of them were still in grief at Theo’s passing, not knowing that Theo was alive.


Neil saying that Theo went back to his hometown was just an excuse. At that moment, Theo must be suffering.


If Theo was doing well, Neil would outright say where he was and what he was doing. He would not use the excuse of going back to his hometown as a cover.

At that thought, Luna’s heart ached terribly. She turned and asked Neil, “Then…are you still in contact with him? Is he doing well?“

Neil paused for a while and looked at Luna confusedly. He did not understand why this woman would suddenly care for Uncle Theo. It was Uncle Theo that had a crush on her, but why was she suddenly concerned for him?

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