Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1152

It was just as Luna expected.

The man instantly frowned upon Luna’s words. He glared at her furiously.

“So what if I have a scar? Is this scar ugly? It’s not! “ Slap!

He smacked Luna brutally. “Stupid b*tch! How dare you laugh at me! “


A slap was not good enough for him, so he slapped her once more. Luna could taste blood in her mouth.

She bit her lip. Blood started seeping through the cracks of her lips. With her miserable face, she was beautiful and sultry, yet that man could no longer see her beauty. He only had rage on his mind; the rage from being despised and looked down upon!

“What use is there looking so pretty? You have a vicious heart. You should be beaten to death! “

Then, he swung his hand down on Luna again. This time, before his face could land, a piercing police siren blared out outside the warehouse. Along with the sound of sirens, there was the sound of footsteps and the shouting of police officers.

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