Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1149

“Okay, I’m back home. Let’s discuss this again in the afternoon.“


Hanging up Anne’s call, Luna collected her thoughts and entered the villa. Usually, at this moment, the villa should be in a lively atmosphere. Nigel and Nellie would bug Joshua to have breakfast together, Nellie would be cheeky during breakfast. She would be able to make Nigel and Joshua, who were usually quiet, laugh.

However, that day, the living room was extremely quiet. The food on the dining table had been finished, there was no sign of Nigel, Nellie, or Joshua in the living room.

Luna furrowed her brows. She and Lily placed the groceries in the kitchen, while she asked the butler.


“Ma’am, you don’t know about this…“

The butler sighed and said in a suppressed tone, “ Not long after you left, Mr. Lynch did indeed have breakfast with Nigel and Nellie, but not long after, three uninvited guests showed up. Master Lynch brought his current wife and illegitimate son over, yelling at Mr. Lynch about getting engaged with you without notifying them…

“Nigel and Nellie had a few mouthfuls before heading upstairs. Mr. Lynch…was extremely unhappy because of them. He is currently working on the study.“

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