Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1139

Adrian, who just barged in, glared at Luna. “What did you do to my son? I have only left Banyan City for more than a month, yet he’s already in bed, his life hanging by the thread! I heard that he turned out this way all because of you! You unlucky demon! “

Adrian’s still smelt of the cold breeze and antiseptic. Clearly, he had rushed over from the airport.

Luna stumbled backward a few steps due to the slap. Both legs hit the sides of Joshua’s bed brutally. The excruciating pain made her bend down. She could not stand straight.

Anne, behind her, quickly came over to help Luna up. “Luna, are you alright?“

Luna shook her head. Her left cheek was already swollen. There was a man’s handprint on the swollen part of her cheek. It was a terrifying sight to behold.

“You’re fine? “ Adrian harrumphed coldly. Then, he walked over to Luna. “It looks like I hit you too lightly! “

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