Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1130

Guilt and shame knitted together like a net, enveloping her entirely. She bit her lip, a hint of a sob in her voice. “Are all of you still at the beach?“ She wanted to apologize to him in front of everyone, to say sorry and admit her mistakes.


She let him down, failing to appreciate his care toward her. Right from the start, he treasured her and the children in his heart. But she hurt him time and time again.

“We already left.“ Gwen sighed, “To tell you the truth, Joshua prepared quite a lot of surprises for you tonight. Besides the fireworks show that would continue until midnight, he even prepared something else. The present he prepared for you…“ Gwen sighed again, “He bought the first piece of work you designed abroad, he said it’s your start and beginning. He wanted to give it back to you as a souvenir.“

Luna closed her eyes, tears finally dripping down her cheeks silently. Because she knew how difficult it was to buy the first piece of work she designed as


Moon. In the beginning, she needed money, so she sold her first piece of work for a very low price.

Later on, when she became famous and had money, she wanted to repurchase her first piece of work, but the buyer refused.

Because it was her piece of work, the buyer kept increasing the price, until it became an exorbitant amount. Later, money alone was not enough to

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