Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1126

“Two hours.“


“Okay.“ Luna took a deep breath. “I’ll send you off at the airport.“

“Send me off?“ On the other end of the phone, Christian was surprised at the unexpected show of affection. “Aren’t you supposed to be celebrating your birthday right now? Why…“ He paused. “You didn’t go?“

“Yeah.“ Luna sniffed, “I don’t like celebrating my birthday. “ With that, she did not say much else and ended the call, hailed a taxi, and headed for the airport.


She did not want to go home to Blue Bay Villa. Neither did she want to go to Anne’s apartment. She did not want anyone to find her. She knew anyone who found her right now would scold her for her actions just now, and tell her once again how much effort Joshua poured into tonight’s celebrations.

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